Sunday, 11 August 2019

Bangkok, space for more than just a few days

Bangkok is sometimes seen as a great place to go. If I do not take into consideration the views of Thai girls, then two opinions are still expressed.

Many people, before getting to Bangkok, think that Bangkok is not a place you should stay in for a long time (big city, smelly, dirty, to do something) and they think it's better to go somewhere else. Go to the city, Phuket, Chang Mai, etc. When people go here, some of them who think that they could not spend more than a day or two in the sad city of Bangkok alone. Actually, Bangkok is not really bad.

Sure, angels can be very bad and not always comfortable to walk, but different modes of transportation are much better. An underground line is in service, which can take you from one side of town to another very fast, and this subway is so clean (it's just too clean) and not hungry (no smell at all) ), Not like the Paris subway where the wind is really bad. There are also two Sky Train lines, which are equally clean, and can take you to different locations. So no need to get stuck in traffic all the time.

Then what to do in Bangkok. Well, there are so many things that can be done here, it's hard to be bored. Depending on the course if you are alone, with a couple or your family (younger or older children).

There are lots of places to visit, temples (many, it's better to just visit the big ones, Wat Phra Kew (Grand Palace for example); Wit Fu (Royal Buddha); Wat Irvin (Temple of Dawn). ). Then they have several museums: Erwan Museum, National Museum, National Gallery, Wax Museum, Doll Museum and many more. There are also several types of parks including Thai traditional houses and traditional crafts. Ancient City; Bang Sa Royal Arts & Craft Village; Bang Pa Summer Palace.

Many people have to travel at least a boat called Klongs.

Then many people enjoy shopping in Bangkok. Many people will want to buy some silk in their home (renovate their sofa or make new curtains) or bring some more decorative items to the house from the famous Chettik Weekend Market.

Others want to go to a cooking school and cook something to eat. Some say this is the best audience for their holidays as others see it, but cooking lessons can be actively used and there is a small face to their holiday.

Once again others like to get a few hours of Thai traditional body or foot massage and you can get some facial massage here too (not all that expensive).

Some even enjoy going to hairdressers for just an inch or two, as it is much cheaper than at home.

Even there are dentists who are cheap and good and just a simple medical check-up can be easily done. But of course everyone here plans on going for a vacation. Although a large group is coming here for medical reasons and taking holidays other than their medical tours (medical tourism).

Another thing in Bangkok is that you can really enjoy the best restaurants in the city for a lot of money. So you can really enjoy the good food they have here, be it Thai food or exotic cuisine.

Then for the children, there are many zoos to choose from: Dot Zoo, Snake Farm, Crocodile Farm, Safari World, Chalk Tea Farm (one hour from Bangkok); Siam Ocean World.

There are museums that focus on children: the Children's Discovery Museum and the Swan Rotai.

There are also several amusement parks that will pay the price of your home for the amusement park. But I guess you will never really get those kinds of things during the holidays.

If your kids are young, they'll probably just stay at a swimming pool or the ocean. Often, even if you go to a beach, you will find yourself sitting in the hotel's swimming pool instead of on the beach. So it is not always necessary to go to the beach.

If you are alone or just with your partner, you will probably see where and where you go. You can plan for some places and see where you'll go here once. The home should not be designed to go back to eliminate the casual part. If you don't want to go on a very busy vacation, I don't think it's impossible to get anywhere in a hotel room. This has been made a bit over the past few weeks, as it has been raining so much for this time of year. Normally it will not rain during this period (April - May), but unfortunately, it has only recently happened, then the coast will be worse. But if you've already paid for your vacation (hotel hotel books), there aren't many changes that can be made.

I had forgotten that I had not yet mentioned the other part of the skull

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