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Best Ornaments in America - A must for animal lovers

People in the United States have been greatly affected by Zika. This interest has made zoological fun. There are many lakes, aquariums and safari parks designed for animal lovers. First, tell us about the oldest and best bio in America.

The Philadelphia Zoo is the oldest zoo in the United States. It was licensed in March 1859. It is a magnificent, family-friendly park housing 1,300 animals. In addition, it is a great historical site dating back many years of successful zoology in the United States. 42 acres of the Big Act, lion habitat, tiger and tiger, and rare animal protection center. It takes all day to find all the exhibits. It opens every day.

Another old and a great zoo is the Cincinnati Zoo and the Botanical Garden. It was not opened in 1875 after the Philadelphia Zoo. It has earned a place in the zoo's history as the second zoo in the United States. It has a large collection of endangered species and species, including Indian rhinos, cheetahs, macaws, Brazilian ocelots, and western lowland gorillas. The zoo has been illegally designated as "the sexiest bird in the United States" because of breeding programs for these endangered species. It opens every day.

Established in 1909, the Fort Water Zoo in Texas has been named one of the top ups in the country by Family Life, USA Today and the Los Angeles Times. More than 350 species of every continent except Antarctica is a well-established and very attractive zoo. Special attention has been paid to the native flora and fauna of Texas. Feature Exhibition, Texas Wild! The Lone Star describes the state's numerous wildlife, as well as a historical glimpse into the business world while re-creating the true city of the early 1900s.

Audubon Zoo, located in New Orleans, is a mix of old and new. Although it was restored in the 21st century, it still retains the old architecture dating back to the early 20th century. Today the park is old-world and global. The Louisiana Swamp is the most famous white fish exhibit. Another attraction is a pair of two royal white lions. A large number of people across the country have come to visit them. The Audubon Zoo includes a large aquarium, bugs and image theater.

The oldest earthquake in the United States has been mentioned and all animal lovers have to go to know and enjoy the history of America's forests and zoos. If you want to see wildlife in your natural habitat If you have never seen Serengeti or the Himalayas then don't worry, the US earthquake makes it possible for you to track down in the wild. According to the latest data released by the Association of Zocos and Aquariums (AZA), more than 170 million people, half of the US population, visit the annual zoo or aquarium. And more than three million people visit the San Diego Zoo, making it one of the most famous zoos in the United States. Book cheap plane tickets and your binoculars and bush hats to find America's finest beasts in that era.

San Diego Zoo

One of the country's most popular tourist attractions, the San Diego Zoo is located in Balboa Park, California. It contains more than 800 species and more than 3,700 animals from the earthquake. Visitors will compete with a variety of animals, including polar bears, pandas, etc. In addition to the poor, it sheds light on more than 700,000 plants and is referred to as an intimate garden. Other attractions include the Panda Track, where visitors can walk through bamboo wood facing the large and red panda.

Braun Zoo

Bronze Zoo is located in New York City, the world's largest metropolitan zoo and one of the largest in the world. It has more than 250 acres of park land and a naturally-living population and more than four thousand animals of more than 600 species. It offers both free and paid offers. Free Exhibits and Attractions Includes Oak Court, Baboon Reserve, Himalayan Hollands, Mouse House, Tiger Mountain, Big Bear, Acetate Bird House, Bison Range, Birds of Birds, etc. However, the paid exhibition includes Butterfly Garden, 4-D. Theater, forest included. World, Wild Asia Monorail, etc. Create Daytona Airlines Storage flights to visit the Bruno Zoo.

Philadelphia Zoo

Spread over 42 acres near West Fairmont Park in Pennsylvania, zoos display 1,300 animal properties, most of which are rare and endangered. The area also includes children's zoos, lakes, and many other interactive and educational attractions. Book Air Canada flights and rise above the ground in the helium balloon to experience its aerial perspective. You can also hit the Reptile and Amphibian House, where artificial thunder and lightning storms refresh time-consuming creatures.

St. Louis Zoo

Recognized as an important zoo in animal education, conservation and research, the St. Louis Zoo is located in a forest park in St. Louis, United States. It is approved by the Zocos and Aquariums (AZA) Association. It is divided into various zones which include Lakeside Crossing, River Edge, Discovery Corner, Wild, Historic Mountain and Red Rocks.

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