Sunday, 11 August 2019

Interview with Lauren Beckwith

Tom Hunter: People always say it's an honor to be on the short list, and we're all aware of the Oscars that your stoke face must present, but when you hear your name, it's actually worth reading. What time is it?

Lauren Bacos: Deeply intense. A train is being pointed. In China, Mayville announced its name when I wasn't really expecting it, in fact, I just talked to myself about PP being honored to be here and Ian McDonald's. As good. My brother, who was my date for the evening, had to throw me off at that stage because I was just sitting there, trapped - which meant I didn't have time to capture my speech and advertise. It took half an hour after half an hour in my hands, but it's basically a big, deep thank you to everyone who reads a book or helped or encouraged me or hung a donkey along the way. It was a fantasy for weeks.

TH: Writing is always difficult, but wins an honor like Clark does in some difficulties?

Lauren: Later a few weeks later I found myself sitting in front of the keyboard more and more. I had this picture of Sir Arthur C. Clark's hand holding my chair, arms pulled up. "will be better". Be better than the previous one. "I pointed out to my husband that I felt that Jait had finished writing and that he had put his eyes on (which he did a lot) and pointed out that I was always At the beginning of the book, I am full of doubt, not for writing excuses. I know that a lot of the writing process is exhausting itself. Of course there are unrealistic expectations, but mostly they are mine.

TH: To quote a speech in the British Library last year, "People who don't remember history remember history. People who can't imagine the future. This is one of our favorite Lauren Bacchus prices, And we have a lot, but how do we think we can imagine the future?

Lauren: I'm a little genius, but the best way to think of anything is through storytelling that interrupts our present reality with imagination and empathy. Fiction is a distorted lens that can explain things. I use it splendidly because I want to tell an interesting story, but also to get tired of any problem we are changing the channel about, whether it be in the DRC or the Syrian genocide. Supervising society or rape. This controversy is a way to get perspective, hopefully, a lot of fun to read.

TH: Your next novel is The Shining Girls. What is it about, and how good is the bidding war that surrounds it?

Lauren: It's about a time-traveling serial killer, set in Chicago from the 30s to the 90s. I had no idea that other people would like this idea. After the Mulholland Books was already empted in the United States after it ended in a six-way war in Britain and South Africa. It was totally unrealistic. As an author, you are used to standing in the cold, insisting on doing good to walk in the publisher's door. It was like a dating game show. "Oh, but I'll choose between all those amazing coins?" Great, but also very hard. My agent, Ollie Munson, hired me. When I asked them how I thought we could get into the deal, they replied, Dooley said, "a pack of crisps and something on top of a fruit." Which I also sent as thank you (with a single malt bottle), when it is much more than that.

TH: Will you return to the Zoo City world in future work?

Lauren: I'm spending a lot of time around the world right now, producer Helena is about to adopt a screen plate for Spring, which has adapted the novel and it looks really cool. I would consider returning for one result, pretty much that I want to play and I know what it will be, but initially only in two books.

TH: You've just been announced as the God Imperium of Science Fiction Awards for a day, what do you do?

Lauren: Oh, oh, I want to put the needle in the winner's mind because the announcement could be made that the incredible high was recognized for all the hard work and walking here with gut paints and incredible happy debt. You are in favor of all those who helped you along the way and subsequently copied into your underground secret laboratory and sold it as a narcotic drug. It's like smashing the bad blue sweets, just good and good and without the hilarious and inimitable murder.

TH: You've visited London many times, even if sometimes on a flight. What are your favorite things in the city?

Lauren: My flight trip (a six-hour stopover on the way to the US) with Zoo City's Corps designer Joy Hi-Fi was a must-read outside the British Library of this World Exhibition. I went to a random stranger's house in PornoKitsch with my friends, went for breakfast with friends,

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