Sunday, 11 August 2019

Melbourne - In the Pole Position

If I told you that, in mid-March, I prostrated at 40 degrees, I would say Malburn is one of the last places you found - and who can you find? The Melbourne location is only a visit to the sea from Antarctica and the fact that the march in the southern warehouse is ideological fall, you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

The 'Four Seasons' a day is how Melbourne's weather is often described by visitors. Tourists suggest joking, waterproof poncho and an ice pick, 'just in case'. During my stay, however, the city looked like wine in the wake of a two-week heat wave.

As you will find through a guidebook, you will read that Melbourne has endured more cold winters than other major cities in Australia, and during the spring and autumn it has a broad range of light weather and clear skies. Enjoy. Summer, which runs from February until the end of December, can be warm and sticky, but often rained and cool on the way to the tower. Unfortunately, we didn't have the relief of those who visited Melbourne for Formula One racing love, as the track temperature dropped to 52 degrees Celsius.

Every year Melbourne hosts thousands of international and foreign tourists who, just like me, enjoy city festivals, art exhibits, spectacular music performances or first class sports events. Later the Australian Open Tennis Championship, the Australian 500cc Bike Grand Prix, the Melbourne Cup, the Australian Football League Grand Final and, of course, the Australian Grand Prix.

Unfortunately, it can now be at risk. Formula One supermodel Bernie Ecclestone released an ultimatum earlier this year that the Grand Prix has threatened to pull away from Melbourne if the race is no better than a European television audience at one time. After this year's score, I say that he now has another valid reason to lobby for a twilight start; drivers and spectators will appreciate it as well.

It started at 3.30pm this year and at abnormal, record breaking temperatures, I noticed that Massa pulled in after just 29 bamboo and trailed 53 after Rococoon. Thankfully, I was in Melbourne, a city that offered a lot of trouble to pay for my Ferrari frustrations.

Known as the style setter of Australia, Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria. Finding an area of ​​about 7,000 square kilometers, the city is home to more than 3.2 million people from 140 countries, brought by four major waves moving here. Circuits showed by a large number of Italian and Ferrari flags, that the Italian population in the city is very large. I have found that the city is actually 300,000 Italian speakers and over 185,000 Melbourne students have learned Italian in Italian. Melbourne's Greek community is also cheerful and the largest outside of Greece is worldwide, while the Arab debate is well represented, in particular, many Lebanese who now call Melbourne home. On top of this, the city has its own Lord Mayor, John Xu, Hong Kong China.

As a result, and not surprisingly, Melbourne is known not only for its diversity but also for its life and European practices, which, together with the best infrastructure, make it one of the world's most Creates one of the living cities.

As you would expect from such a notable center, the city boasts many attractions and, according to a recent Melbourne Airport survey, is the city's most visited historic Frederick Federation Square, Bank of Queen Victoria Markets and Crown Recreation Complex on the Yarra River.

Federation Square is Melbourne's most important meeting place and was described as a unique cultural area in my travel guide. In its direction, many restaurants, cafes and bars find a mix of interest, museums and galleries hidden in its 'pastors'. Federation Square Melbourne is a hub of activity that hosts over 2000 events annually. This is also where you'll find a tourist's holy grail - the Melbourne Visitors' Center.

I was not impressed with Federation Square as the guide promised. The square deprives itself of many levels and gives buildings a chance to be illegitimate, random and not let anyone in - in fact, it was difficult to see where most of the buildings would enter.

The Queen Victoria Market was expected however. This landmark is a Melbourne institution that first opened in March 1878. Spread over seven hectares (this is the size of about 14 football fields), it is the largest open market in southern Twilight. About a thousand merchants have sold everything from fruits and vegetables, gourmet food, meat, fish and poultry to hardware, shoes, clothing and authentic Australian architecture and gifts. Queen Victoria Market is a friendly and incredible place that Enjo is

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