Sunday, 11 August 2019

Poems - 1990-1994


I do not have the sun

Addition of feathers to wounds

Or scare them to crush them

Take or drag memories

New walls with a scent of hate

And the love that goes through love

The shadow between the earth and the sky

I don't question the moon

Serious desires suffered

On the dreamy edges of winter

Incredible spring with sticky

Feelings separately to the fingers

Or skittish little puzzle

Fifty-fifty at heart

I love light with no light

Of wood or fog desires

In encouragement of despair

I understand Psalm people

Through lines on palms or compilations

Private rain lunch

I live in the sun and the moon shaking time


I'm not afraid of death

Nor am I worried

Life after death

But I'm afraid I know

What is life and can be

Without luck

Birth and continuation

Of our failure

Return to what we do to ourselves.


We do not know anger

They grow in bed with flowers

Walking around like a policeman in Tehran

The anxiety of the birds at noon

And those who know the stories

Worse it survives:

Let's clear the sky of stories

Of positions and prophets

And be at peace with the earth

Shrubs and flowers and flowers


Soil to avoid the blood of the moon of old age

Riot at night

There is no smoke

My difference grows as a snake

In the dream dream

The tail of the dragon

Squeeze my teeth into the trash

Close to the Meng Tree

I stand like a ton

Early morning on early roots

Flows will survive

Out of the race space


Far away from the nest

I live with fog

The shade for the year fleet


Of Mahdi

Of the soul I sink

Related to wrong losses

I can not

Reprinted mystery

I've lost the sea

Just for a charm

False and patient with patience

Now I touch the chest as peace

Field of field

For pure breath


I am looking for my soul

Sweet Savings

Of love


I look for roots

My anger knows, my bones

You have already reported abuse on this image

Snake in the forgotten valley

I'm happy with my mind too

Prayers in English before Kali

Stand alone with the psalm

Or possibly Ahmed's tablet

I cross-breed in spirit

But, who hears or sees

Signed ancient hand

The first poems for humans?

I look weird, and weird

Routing about between cars

For my trouble with names


The monsoon walls with raindrops

The sun shines like a shining path

Now shock with wet clay and cow dong

Extraordinary benefits of afternoon fans

I forget and feel sutra today

As I did with a fever

Empty sender stands in box

Corresponds to the dangerous letter box

The left turn did not open for years

The mummy and slow effects of hope and worship

Illegal signature on the back of the god

Don't help me reduce or decrease my verses

Rain, rain and repetition


Too much to live

Are lying

Wheel Moving:

Now the knee is better

We seek refuge in a hurry

From the sky or all around

Stripping the floor of the sea

Still learn from the past

They were once children

Death does not wound nor

Tree inside any cheap

Live lock

Footprints in drifts

In the wild identical

Word and connection


One or the justification cannot be justified

A romance with charming:

Understand what lies

Under the rainbow or tree shade

One must leave more for the other

Day or season, or mood or dream

And the comfortable pleasure empties

With light and dark nipples


This is a lazy awakening

Winter like my drug eyes

Oxfield gift for bread

Don't use any ideas--

And the search for the Middle East fire

Silent burst of orange

And mannequin in twos and threes

Hop on to catch their loved ones

- A drama of exile

And no worries - I live

My life on the edge, denial

And metamorphose in the moon

Under the cloud cover, growing

Formally sliding into the bed swallow

Humiliation, arrogance and fun

Avoid boat in the street

And AC rooms during the day

Wheel in their polished world

I'll talk about the sun's value the next day


You will see the light

After the end of the day

You can expect it here

Life is still there

Glittering bugs still fly

Greet the evening star

In the open sky

Behind the fighter jets

Is still a cross

Ready to shower love


His little life

In a small world they are closed

Man to grow and become human

The meaning of life is lost:

I couldn't be comfortable

By their cosmic movement

Mainly corruption

They eat in our clothes

I have to find my own way

Through empty cups and aliens

Body in love with rain

Or the new trunks plant


They close their eyes

Or close them with money

A little matter

But I worry

When their hands are visible

Those free shadows

The baseless men

Which rejects the files in the sun

And smell an animal

Freedom of freedom

Freedom means as harm

From the noise of the protest

Wrapped in chaos or monologue

Sharp to get rid of one


Why should I suffer

In their small state if they move

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