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The downs are good for the Edinburgh Zoo

The zoo has always been a part of our lives. As boys, my brother and I loved to watch lions and gardens. After my own children arrived, I was treated like the Grand Old Duke of York, and we moved our store up the Cotfine Hill and met hundreds of Edinburgh families. The zoo is one of the most famous attractions in the city, but it is worth mentioning here, especially if you are reading it as a visitor to Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is being a bird, mostly better.

The old cage environment is being replaced with a natural living environment - or can be found at the zoo park. Two events show Edinburgh's commitment to this new sincerity. For many years there has been no elephant at the Edinburgh Zoo. The Matriarchal family group is the foundation of the African Elephant Society, which has been joined by veins of female elephants by a bull during the debris season. As an ideal pair to maintain a single man and woman, zucchini often do, however, are unusual and encouraging. It is very difficult to recreate the elephant's natural environment because these donations are naturally destructive and large areas need to be adjusted to their habits.

Polar bears are solitary animals, only coming together during the season. The second time they are likely to fight to defend their territory. Not the best display of animal behavior for a zoo family. The polar bear of the Mercedes, Edinburgh Zoo, has been individually for 25 years with a pool that existed and some entertainment. But it was a pathetic sight to see his shirt fence as well as his position. Last year, the zoo moved it to the Highland Wildlife Park, in Kungsai, where it has a more natural environment. No snow flow (yet), but with winter temperatures below -25C and many feet of snow, Mercedes certainly feels found a new lease of life in the Netherlands.

The Edinburgh Zoo is therefore being modernized, both structurally and perhaps more importantly, in sensitivity. Attachments that promote natural behavior, are often introduced throughout the site, in the social network of complementary species. Animal welfare is the basic element rather than the human spectacle, and rightly so.

So what do you look for in a new zoo?

Plains of Africa

My children's favorite mutual and always the first to visit. With views across the city and over the Christopherin hill with Fort Fort. Walk into the elevated viewing area that looks like a safari hut and you can see the beasts of the field around the watering hole. A review of zebra, tutorial kudu and nala (a blow with big ears), is the largest integration in the zoo.


Follow the path to the top of the hill, chest and picnic area and follow the whirlpool .You have found the new lion fence. Eastburst takes part in a breeding program for Asian lions - the most endangered species of species with only 175 adult Asian lions left in the jungles in India. These lions are smaller than African lions - but unless you know your Penta Leo Prisca from your painter, Lee Kroger, you don't feel the difference. These are big brothers.

Big Cats

Continue your race straight through the tiger fence and you will come to the Big Cats Complex. The largest wall consists of the Smitran Tigers. In Edinburgh there are two gardens, two brothers and sisters called Tibet and Chandra. Before arriving in Edinburgh, Tibet damaged his eye in the crash. The eye is deformed and can be removed, but he can see well enough to see an eye manning. Edinburgh acquired the tents of Siberia as part of the European Zoos Prisoner Implementation Program, but has been shown mercy at Holland Wildlife Park. The good news is that these gardens have settled well in their new residence and three lion cubes were born in May 2010.

Follow the path down the hills to see the leopard, cheetah, jaguar and wolverine.

Coal Bear

In Edinburgh there is a pair of coals in a special fence located on the road from the rubble of big cats. We used to be very excited when we came from neighboring Oz, but since they spend more days sleeping, it hardly bothers about the two nodding patients.

Budongo Trail

Go race and you'll find the latest attraction "Bodego Trail" with yet another ice cream kiosk. More than 40 chimps are living in different social groups and there are large indoor and outdoor living areas where they can interact with each other. If the champs are like-minded, the guest may be closer. As well as information boards describing the life of these picks, there are interactive displays related to the Budongo Conservation Field Station in Uganda.

Penguin Parade

Now taking the path that can make in front of the Mansion House, past the cafeteria and head to the old giraffe house and you'll find one of the jewels of the Edinburgh Zoo.

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