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Traveling with kids in Ruda and Yucatan

Chances are, your little ones will not appreciate the influence of Tolucat on the Mayan pyramids of Chennai Aiza, nor will they delight in the architectural beauty of the dead colonial buildings, but that doesn't mean the city. There is nothing to offer them.

First of all, although they complain about the heat and lack of interest in the scarcity of rocks, they do not get a chance to see their face when they see Castillo in Chichen Asza in real life. Climbing the real focus, checking out a real sheath hit, and seeing the cenote where human sacrifice can once again be sure to interest most children. Some kids may find the heavy machine on display by the fascinating bathroom, as they learn it can be found in the dragon and lower.

And while the vast majority of children's museums and peaceful attractions may not be what you want, most children can't oppose St. John's at another site, Xinchhalon. Bring some drilling gear and see the small freshwater fish that live there. But please look at them and don't miss the kids you won't have. The cenote is so on one end, but very deep on the other. Make sure to get your own towels, sunscreen and water as well. There is no change facilities or life.

Part of the educational cost of travel is being able to see how the world lives differently around the world. If you can, walk from Chichen Itza to the dead on the "free" or "libre" road, you will have the chance to walk and stop in some small sheath towns or pueblots (pack ble-par). Knowing too much about children shows how children live their own lives and play it in Yucatan. Stop in one of the cities for ice cream or haldo (E-la-Dosh) or Coca-Cola (Yucatan drinks more cake than anywhere else in the world) and have a chance to interact with the locals. Take it. Store. You will learn everything!

Once you're back in the dead, the Centenario Zoo, located near the southern edge of the city, is a wonder of fun activities with parents and children alike. This huge park is home to exotic animals including germs, lions, straw, crocodiles, hippos, lions, turtles and snakes. Each animal pen has its own plate in Spanish and Maya, with facts about the animal environment, diet and lifestyle. Peters are also welcomed to the zoo by the large artery of the zoo, a tropical garden full of birds, thick and other beautiful birds. You can wander the park by foot or ride a train that runs on stimulated kidneys.

In addition to the animals, the zoo has many playgrounds, an area for roll rolling and toy vendors. Admission to the park is free, but some activities include pony rides, bumper boats and some of the on-going cars. You can treat yourself to traditional carnival fare such as corn dough, popcorn and cotton candy, or enjoy Mexican treats like chicheronis, taxis and pancakes. And on a hot day, all these beautiful trees provide shade for the animals and for you and the kids.

Close to hotels in Hot and Fiesta, Salvador Eldorado Stadium and park include Olympic size swimming pool, tennis, volleyball and basketball departments, a softball diamond and two football fields, weightlifting, boxing, aerobics. In addition to gymnastics and dance. As part of the Yucatan State Sports Institute, it serves as a 65-year-old institution both as a training ground for local athletes and as a recreation center for the public.

The entrance is located on Banana 62 in the neighborhood of Buena Vista and is open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., with peak hours between 3 and 8 p.m. When local sports teams started practicing. While there is no official charge for using the facilities, they will ask that colleagues receive occasional donations - at all possible costs - to indicate maintenance costs, and use the pool for $ 12 per cent. Is. Monthly courses in various sports, including salsa dances, are offered to the public, earning about $ 150 a week.

Never underestimate the joys of swimming pools for kids. If your hotel has a pool, and most do, you don't take a day to enjoy the edge of the pool and really focus on the holidays with your family. Let's do it. And if your hotel doesn't have a pool, then spend a day on the beach in either the programs or the beach towns. Your kids can have fun, swim in shallow water or maybe rent a boogie board or whirlpool. Progreso has landed on the beach and the waves are more than a foot wide. When you watch your kids play, you can have fresh guacamole and a cold beer on the beach with chips. What could be better?

After you enjoy these activities, many of the entertaining endeavors and truthful practices are also in the children. The professional baseball team of the deceased, Lyons, is home

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